What’s My Home Worth?

Kei Realty is proud to provide a revolutionary service that allows homeowners to sell their homes for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  Our Concierge Program not only manages the renovation process but also PAYS for the renovation costs.

We come up with an action plan for updates to your home and then bring in our vetted network of contractors and vendors that provide preferred pricing.   Once the plan is approved, all you need to do is hand us the keys and we handle the rest.

Project Tracking:

We prepare a detailed punchlist of recommended work on the home that typically yields at least a 3x return on investment for you to review and approve. We then secure competitive bids from trusted and vetted vendors with an estimated time for completion while we manage the renovation process.

Outline of the Concierge Program:

  1. Initial listing consultation to determine the market value and list price of your home;
  2. Punchlist of recommended work to your home to help it sell for the highest value in the shortest amount of time;
  3. Vendor bids to determine the cost of performing the work, to be approved by you;
  4. Submission of work estimates to our Concierge team;
  5. Approval of work from the Concierge team, with payment directly to the vendors;
  6. Project timeline / roadmap and schedule of work to be done leading up to listing your home on market;
  7. Kei Realty team oversees and manages vendors during the preparation process, with periodic updates to you;
  8. Inspections on the home (paid for by Kei Realty) to present to buyers when making offers on your home;
  9. Review offers and determine close date;
  10. Determine how to receive the proceeds from the sale, with the Concierge costs to be reimbursed out of escrow;


What are the costs for the Concierge Program?

  • The Concierge Program is included as part of Kei Realty’s listing agreement.  Our team contacts vendors with preferred pricing (both Kevin and Mei have backgrounds in real estate development), recommends work to be done that will see the best return on value (those that return at least 3x on sale), and oversee management of the renovation process.  Compass Concierge invoices you and is reimbursed for the costs spent on the renovation work at close of escrow. There is no added cost or interest owed for participating in the program.

Are there any services not covered by the program?

  • The goal of the Concierge Program is to help sell your property for the highest price, in the shortest amount of time, and to help as many clients as possible.  The program is intentionally flexible, and has been developed to be used with as many vendors and services as possible.

What type of services does the Concierge program cover and pay for?

  • Moving + Storage
  • Deep-cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Kitchen improvements
  • Bathroom improvements
  • Interior + exterior painting
  • Electrical work
  • Custom closet work
  • Roof repairs
  • Decluttering
  • Fencing
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing repair

The Concierge Program at Work: Before & After


Mountain View


San Jose


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